Rest Area 300m: Old Yella

Monday, July 25, 2005

Old Yella

"Old Yella" is our broom tractor. It is as old as dirt. Getting it started sometimes can be a hassle, it is fairly cranky. We curse this in foul weather with it's lack of cab & any semblance of comfort. Yet we also have some affection for it as it is very handy on some jobs. As well as the broom it has a mid mounted grader blade. This means you can do reasonably precise work with it. Here it is being used to take out a bump at a bridge end. Premix has been levelled with it, taking out a slump before the concrete lip of the bridge. This has been done by eye. After compaction I will drive my truck over it at speed. If I spill my coffee we will have another go.

When sweeping, wind direction is all important.
Rest Area 300m


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