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Friday, November 25, 2005

Snap, ...Crackle, ... Pop !

Being older than dirt, and hooning around in cars before the transistor, to have a radio in a car was incredibly cool

If you had a radio in your wheels, the girls would tend to overlook your spots.

They were valve jobs, and used so much power that to run them for more than a few minutes while parked up meant a flat battery.
They hummed, and glowed and squealed.
The radio did too.

The ultimate bra popper, was a record player. You "posted" a 45rpm record into the slot and it would give you a glorious LoFi rendering of Pat Boone, or Conway Twitty.

A bottle of cheap sherry, a few 45's and a bunch of extra car batteries, and the world was yours.

Now I suppose. you plug into the same Ipod.

But the shuffling isn't the same.....

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