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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How Many Lumps With That ?

THE only animal to have prompted a security warning from the US Government is back on the rampage.

Mutware, a sweet-toothed elephant with a penchant for violence, has resumed his wave of destruction in the volatile Great Lakes region of eastern Rwanda.

The 37-year-old bull African elephant is reported to have destroyed at least three cars in the Akagera National Park, adding to his fearsome reputation.
In April the US Embassy in Kigali was so concerned by the antics of "The Chief" that it issued an alert to its citizens.

"It's only in the mating season that he gets aggressive, and that's because he is solitary and has no female, "James Muhizi, a park ranger at Akagera, said, adding that if Mutware blows dust into the air and stamps a foot, you'd better get out of the area.

Well I'd pay good money to see this car tootle through Mutware's turf.

You would need an awful lot of sugar cubes and 7 Up

"The only person who can calm Mutware is Boniface Zakamwita, a 54-year-old ranger who has known the elephant for more than 20 years. His trick? Tossing sugar cubes into Mutwareï's mouth and offering fizzy drinks as a bribe to get him to stand still."

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