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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sticky Situations...

MOSCOW -" Animals at zoos across Russia were being given shots, or in some cases buckets, of vodka, to keep them warm yesterday as temperatures in the European part of the country plunged towards an exceptional minus 40 degrees Celsius."

I was going to have a winge about the rain today, but if they are having to get the elephants pissed in Russia to cope with cold, I guess a little summer rain is no big deal.

A good rainfall overnight triggered small rockfalls in the Awakino Gorge.

A truck blew a front tire on one sharp rock, the remains of which also demolished an air tank fitting. The end result being immobility, and a couple of hours baby sitting him, and early morning traffic.

Further south a truck skidded into a swamp and jackknifed, fortunately only covering the driver in mud and embarrassment, and not blood and glass.

Our favourite digger driver also had a sticky encounter getting himself rather intimately involved with another swamp, again embarrassingly close to the main road.
Not to be outdone our sign truck also managed a minor excursion into the water table and I had to tow him out.

Otherwise, an uneventful day...


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