Rest Area 300m: Rural Wasteland.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rural Wasteland.

Now a nice man called Rod, is getting a bit sick of our scenery.

" ...please, for those of us who have to work in an office all day couldn't you perhaps show us a photo of a horrible bit of NZ, just to prove that there is such a thing. Go on, you must have the odd industrial estate or something of the like!

The photo of the appalling rural wasteland above, is taken from the front verandah of the previous Fart residence.
Obviously, we had to move from such a crowded environment. I mean you can nearly see the neighbours...

Here we have a much better scene of some lovely sheds at our depot in New Plymouth. I apologise for the big ugly pile of dirt in the background. (Mt Taranaki, or Mt Egmont as our English forebears lovingly called it...)

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