Rest Area 300m: From The Roadworker's Log...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From The Roadworker's Log...

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When you first arrive at an accident scene and see the rescue helicopter, it is with mixed feelings.

Obviously someone is injured, but it is good to see professionals on the job. Medical help is scarce in rural communities.

Here we have a logging truck and trailer on it's side. The trailer is over the bank, most of the logs also, but quite a few are on the road. With the truck across the road like this nobody is going anywhere soon.

Before the helicopter has lifted off, cleanup begins, engine oil being dealt with here.

The helicopter leaves for Taranaki Base Hospital, sometimes Waikato.

A digger is rounded up, and ushered through the banked up, waiting traffic.
It is offloaded onto the road.

It pushes the logs off the road

And as it is starts to get dark, lifts the truck onto it's wheels

The truck is dragged over to the north lane of the road, and now we can let traffic through till the crane arrives.

The crane has to lift the trailer onto the wrecked truck

Some hours later, the truck is finally loaded onto a transporter and taken away.
The road is cleaned up and made safe and then it's Home Time!

Then at dawn this morning the logs are recovered and loaded onto another truck.
A truck mounted grab does this, you can see the operator sitting up there under the lights.

At lunch we read about it in the paper (probably short term link)

Then it's away to clear slips on Mt. Messenger.

Oh it's all fun on the road....

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