Rest Area 300m: Travelling Circus

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Travelling Circus

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Working outside a country school (Ahititi) always generates an audience.

The boys were fascinated and asked endless questions.

I told them we were a crack team of specialist roadworkers, especially brought in for the job.

The girl, a blond, was totally disinterested till she spotted my camera and a photo opportunity.

She sprinted to the fence and never took her eye off the camera.

She will go far that girl.

Later when we had lunch, (Hot Scones were provided) it was great to see the whole age range playing together, the older ones looking after the young ones.

This school is booming.

We were there to put in a bus turn round area. The roll has grown, and so has the school bus.

We were the biggest show in town ...

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