Rest Area 300m: Mud, Dirt & Dust

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mud, Dirt & Dust

It's all go on our stretch of the highway at the moment.

Driving an 80 kilometre stretch the other day, I went through 7 Stop/Go's.

Some works are major, new passing lanes & realigning corners, some minor, but the race against the weather is now on.

Some of the Truckies are getting a bit frustrated.

They moan about the state of the road, and then moan when you fix it.

I did feel for a lovely group of old Austin Healy sports cars that went through today.

Lovingly polished, they will look as if they have crossed the Gobi Desert by now.

You can see drivers flinch when they see mud or dust.

But, Hey, We have to work in it ...

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