Rest Area 300m: Another day, another tunnel

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another day, another tunnel

Potholes today. So you load a bucket of pavemix on the truck, collect up the gear and head north.
The R/T crackles, "Slip on Mt Messenger". So you go back to the yard, tip off the pavemix, help load up the Front End Loader, and head south, away to the mountain. It was only a small slip, but a dangerous one, on a bend just out of the tunnel, and unsighted to traffic from either direction. Slips like this can cause chaos. In the photo, the loader has just finished clearing it. Back to the Yard, clean off the tray, unload the Loader, reload the pavemix, collect the gear. The R/T crackles, We all look at each other.... "Bad potholes north...." Collective sigh of relief, .."Lets have lunch".
Rest Area 300m

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