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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Who's A Naughty Boy Then...

A Powerco contractor in South Taranaki caused a major technological meltdown across the country yesterday, including crashing the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Powerco staff were replacing a low-tension power pole on Rangikura Rd near Waverley when the auger drilling the hole hit a Telecom fibre-optic cable just after 10.30am. Telecom spokesperson Melanie Marshall said the digger severed the cable driving mobile networks, Broadband Internet and other national data links – including eftpos – into complete disarray for more than five hours.
Trading on the Stock Exchange was brought to a halt from 11.01am until 4pm. The exchange stayed open for an extra 30 minutes until 5.30pm. Eftpos disruption hurt shoppers and retailers. The online auction site TradeMe reported a significant reduction in traffic between 11am and 3pm. Air travellers experienced delays of 25 minutes or more when the loss of internet and email forced Air NZ to manually check-in passengers.

Boy someone could be in real trouble here. Thank God not us


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