Rest Area 300m: The Brothers Are Watching You

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Brothers Are Watching You

A car stopped in an odd place gets our attention. Often we come across breakdowns, and can often lend a hand. Sometimes we can get a car going, we carry quite a few tools for fixing signs, and some of the light trucks are equipped with a vice and even a generator. You can also do a lot with tape and wire.
We have also come across injuries, sickness, even a suicide attempt (hose on the exhaust pipe) and lots of stuck cars that have pulled off the road too far. We can also call in something odd on our RT radios, abandoned cars, people up to no good etc.
It is also second nature now, to spot the signs of a car leaving the road and going over a bank. You get to know the road so well that it becomes almost instinctive. A broken post, marks in the grass, and so on.
We also, of course, get to know the bad spots where there are many accidents and will push to get something done about them. Even better signs can make a difference. But no matter what anyone does, there are still an endless supply of idiots smashing themselves and their cars up on perfectly good sections of road.
Rest Area 300m


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