Rest Area 300m

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Mostly cloudy today, with a few showers. A period of rain tomorrow, with heavy falls in Taranaki"

Oh well, back to potholes, and clammy wet weather gear. Mind you, there are optimistic signs out there. The willow trees are starting to show a tinge of green, the mornings are starting to get lighter, and the ducks are breeding along with the potholes.
���One skill you have to learn rather quickly on the job is the simple art of pulling off to the side of the road. The shoulders are muddy and soft at this time of the year, and to get a truck off the road without getting stuck is a feat in itself. We chew through left hand tires, & mirrors can get a bashing as you squeeze into impossible places against banks and vegetation. The fact that more and more crash barriers are being put in on corners often means we can't get off the road. Over time you learn all the spots where you can pull off safely. This especially important if you have the front end loader on a transporter trailer, and need to get it close to a slip. The smaller vehicles which are used for sign maintenance etc are modified for the job. They often have a shortened chassis & so can do a U turn on a narrow road with ease. My truck needs a bit of room, and when I do get stuck, it is often sensationally so. So far this winter I have been stuckless, but I better not get smug.
Rest Area 300m


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