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Friday, November 11, 2005

Today we replaced a guardrail at a corner with a deadly and macabre history.
It had been damaged by a semi that jack-knifed, fortunately with no injuries.
In 1995 a car left the road on this corner, killing an asian couple, when the vehicle landed in a small but flooded stream.
A police dive team searching the stream found another car with two men in it that had left the road 4 days before.
The two men had been away on a bit of a jaunt, and had not been missed.
There is a little a little memorial plaque behind my two work-mates, placed by the family of the asian couple, and two of the crosses commemorate the earlier crash.
This corner did not have a guardrail then, and has since been widened, and given better visibility.
When you look at the tiny stream, it is hard to believe that it turned killer.

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