Rest Area 300m: Cracker Days

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cracker Days

Rockets, crackers, and loud explosions have always rather excited me.
At school I had an early interest in explosive demolition.

The fireworks of today are a pale shadow of the explosive devices of my era.
The best were "Star" crackers. They were the size of a Double Happy, but packed a lot more punch.
8 of them taped together made a very satisfying explosion, and would demolish a letter box.

There were sky rockets which could just about bring down an aircraft, and set whole hillsides ablaze.
Big Bangers with tarry wicks, and "Throwdowns", which were hurled and exploded on contact.

Guy Fawkes night was a huge exciting buzz, as the oldies partied, we blew each other up, and the fire brigade raced to and fro.

To top it off, it was, and is, my birthday the following day, so pissed Uncles would slip me a few bucks.

Alas, skyrockets are now banned, and there is talk of a total cracker ban.

I bet it's the Insurance Companies.

Let's blow them up.

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