Rest Area 300m: Melting Moments

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Melting Moments

I was off this morning to titivate the highway,
when a R/T message diverted me to pick up a couple of tons of Lime in 20 kg paper bags.

No problem, a nice trip into unfamiliar territory.
And a nice day.

The truck was duly loaded and away I trundle.

Then it rained.

"Calcium oxide is very reactive and can be dangerous; it is called 'lump-lime' or 'quicklime' and may be left as lumps or ground down into powder. It must be kept dry, as it reacts very quickly with water ( even the water in the air or the moisture in your skin ) to form calcium hydroxide, which is the first step to reversing the process back to calcium carbonate. Just as making quicklime needed heat, the reverse process produces heat: calcium oxide (CaO) plus water (H2) produces calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and heat."

I skidded into The Warehouse car park, and bought a cheap plastic cover for $4.50

I very nearly had a Salvador Dali truck

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