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Thursday, March 09, 2006


If a truck hits a car, the truck wins.

I know this from experience.

A couple of weeks ago in a bid to live a life of reckless and wanton extravagance. I stopped & brought a lotto ticket.

I parked outside the shop, - behind me dotted yellow lines.

With a potential fortune, and a bacon & egg pie, I jumped into the truck.

Some bastard had pulled up so close to the front of the truck I had to reverse a metre to get out.

I checked the mirrors, reversed gingerly, then out of the corner of my eye saw, outside the shop, a woman's hands fly up to her face.

Shit! Thought I, - something amiss.

I hopped out of the truck and round to the back.

Some dude had pulled in, hard up behind the truck and in the blindspot.

I remodelled his bumper.

Turned out he was a truckdriver too. I would have thought he would know better.

And I only won $23

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