Rest Area 300m: The Zen of the Amco

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Zen of the Amco

Amco crash barriers are simple but effective.

The metal rail is quite springy, and bolted to posts. The head of the bolt passes through a slot allowing for some stretching of the rail.

The ends as pictured are loosely bolted in place. Should you hit this it will slide down the rail, the posts will shear at ground level (They have a fist sized hole drilled in them) and the end will act like a potato peeler, curling, and feeding the rail through.

The first couple of posts are sitting in a metal sleeve which is quite deep in the ground.

This is done so the posts break in the impact and don't just uproot. The cable spreads the force of the impact, as does the brace at ground level.

We are often replacing dinged crash barriers, There is generally a bit of broken plastic, indicator lenses etc. Often a car can drive away a bit battered, but mobile.

It's certainly better than hitting a rock bank or going into the river.

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