Rest Area 300m: Behind The Lollypop

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Behind The Lollypop

Behind you a bunch of guys are putting in a crash barrier.
This is the view you have from behind the lollypop.

There are signs up around the corner, Men Working, A "Flagman" & a 30k speed limit.

Everything is totally legal.

Your safety is really totally reliant on people obeying the signs.
If they come smoking around that corner, half asleep or on a cell phone you are at real risk.
Especially if a truck & trailer unit are heading away from you and obscuring the oncoming drivers view a bit more.

The thing is, it happens.
A car will hurtle around a corner and when you give him/her an earful, will swear there are no signs.

Which is why you can be a bit jumpy.

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