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Friday, March 31, 2006

Doing The Dishes

One of our illustrious workers is a bit of a magpie.

He can't resist anything shiny on or near the road.

The back of his little work truck is always a pile of newly found treasures. Wheel trims,piping, petrol caps, you name it, it's there.

He also loves a bargain.

He bought a new satellite dish and decoder from a friend of a mate, who knows a guy, whose in law works with someone, that lives over the road from the chap that imports them.

It was duly installed a couple of days ago, and now he can watch the News in Mandarin in glowing colour.

Hours after installation the Optus B satellite and all it's TV channels crashed big time.

Convinced he has been sold a dud, our venerable friend, pulls plugs, swaps leads, beats things with hammer to the marital strains of "Told you it was a silly idea, you cheap bugger" etc.etc.

Then when he got to work this morning, we nearly convinced him, that he alone, was responsible for plunging the South Pacific into being a digital TV desert.

He was very quiet till the radio news trumpeted that all was well again.

Made my day...

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