Rest Area 300m: The Pale Rider

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Pale Rider

Mokau River Mist
This Morning.

There is a delightful Maori word that means bored, or tired of, - it is Hoha (audio speakers on!)
(It is supposed to have those dinky dots over the vowels, but I am to knackered to figure out how to do it ...)

Well I am bloody hoha with stabilising and it's cement and lime dust.

I come home looking like something from the crypt, all white and haggard.

Then if you got a very startled hedgehog, sprayed it with hair spray, then dusted it with icing sugar, you would have some idea of how the fine Fart facial features look.

And my truck ... *sob*
That's as bad.

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