Rest Area 300m: Soggy Saturday

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Soggy Saturday

Saturday is usually a cruisy, uneventful day.
I trundle the highway picking up rubbish from the rest areas

Not today though.
It all went wrong from the start.

I came around a corner a couple of kilometres from home in steady rain to find a motorbike on the road and the rider lying there very still.
Fortunately he was alive and lucid, and a passerby got through to the ambulance on a cell phone.

It was in a nasty spot, but I had some cones and lots of flashing lights.
It is often the fact that unusual activity will slow traffic better than signs.
A furiously waving figure in a fluro vest, with a steely look in his eye, slows most.

The cop and I waited in the rain after the ambulance left, eyeing the crumpled bike and mentally figuring how long it would take for a salvage truck to recover it.
The local towie is having truck problems, and they are never keen to drive miles to pick up a motor bike anyway.

We can do it, but there are obvious issues with storing, any recovery damage, etc.
So we don't.

But I did.

I dropped it at the police station thereby saving the owner a heap, and two people getting very wet.

But not before a small slip on Mt. Messenger, on a dodgy corner, with the potential to cause chaos.
We ripped into it and had it cleaned up as the police arrived.
He didn't get wet either.

But I did ....

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