Rest Area 300m: Awakino Tunnel

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Awakino Tunnel

Friday's accident in the Awakino Tunnel, and the logging truck accident a couple of weeks ago, both happened in vulnerable areas on State Highway 3.
Both had the potential to close the road for up to a day.

Hopefully the area where the logging truck got it wrong will now be upgraded with budget money promised for State Highways, and the tunnel has been investigated for widening.

It's a lovely tunnel. I really don't want to see them muck around with it.

I would prefer to see a wide one lane bridge alongside it, capable of carrying wide loads, and normally used for northbound traffic.
I even think it would be cheaper than moving the huge amount of rock at the south end, which
even to my eye looks faulted and hard, and difficult to move without a lot of blasting and disruption.

Still, no one gives a stuff what a roadworker thinks ....


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