Rest Area 300m: A Truly Professorial Hole

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Truly Professorial Hole

About time for another "Personal Pothole".

This actually is a repair going on, on an area of the road that has slumped badly, and broken out in a hole as the seal failed.

We have hoed it up, added lime and cement, graded and rolled it. It is in the final stages of titivation, will be rolled again and watered.

While it looks a simple operation, the road camber here runs every which way, and it was difficult to grade it to match the road.

Quite a complex and difficult hole in an awkward place.
Worthy of a professor.

Dodderytoo your hole is at the beginning of Block section 203, on the true right of State Highway 3.

(Those of you who have been paying attention will know that this means it is 203 kilometres from the beginning of the highway in Hamilton, and true left & right are determined facing south.

Looking South you can see the small sign denoting the start of 203. From here to the start of the next block section there will be a "peg" every kilometre, 203/1, 203/2 etc.

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