Rest Area 300m: Walking Blues

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Walking Blues

We often have trouble with speeders through our worksites.

The law of physics catches up with a fair few of them, and the tow-trucks and panel shops make a good dollar.

Now and then the Highway Patrol will stake out a section of road works, they usually do a good trade.

Sunday April 30 Waitomo News
"A 56 year old Auckland man copped a 28 day licence suspension after travelling at 101 km/h through a 50km/h roadworks area on Awakino Hill. His car was secured by police."

A while back a cop nailed an oncoming car through one of our sites. The driver was allowed to drive the car to a wide area outside a local hall, the only building for miles around, after that he had to hitch hike.

Over the limit by 40 kph + and you walk.

Which is a bit worrying if you own a sports car...

(whoops, ... I should point out that walking commences 40k/ph over a permanent posted speed limit, & over 50 kp/h for a temporary speed limit )

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