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Monday, May 08, 2006

Have A Good Day?

Some days nothing goes right.

You would be better staying in bed.

We turned up at our work site the other day, all keen and eager to dig up the road and hold up the traffic, and the rotary hoe had a flat tire. Not just the lack of air variety, but the valve stem had ripped away.

We were working a good hour away from civilization.

The tire man arrived and had a wrestle with it. When all was done he started his compressor to inflate it, and it didn't.
Start, that is.

The neighbouring farmer came to the rescue, and we used his compressor.

We started ripping up the road, and finished our first patch as the wiring on the hoe caught fire.

A Sparkie came from town and fixed it.

We moved down the road to start our next patch.

We prepared it all and spread lime and cement out to hoe into the road.

Another flat tire. Valve stem again.
Tire Man again

The vibrating roller suddenly didn't. Vibrate that is..
Sparkie again.

We ended up having to give up in disgust and use a broom tractor to sweep all our expensive product off the road in the gathering gloom.

I took my time driving home.

I was pleased to get there...

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