Rest Area 300m: A Worthy Cause

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Worthy Cause

While we slog away on the road ...

Retired Roadworker wins Gazillions.

"A retired couple from a Fife village are celebrating becoming Scotland's latest lottery millionaires.

Mary Dowie, 58, and her husband Jim, 60, from Cardenden, won stg 2.9m in last weekend's draw.

They vowed to be "sensible" and stay put in the village where they have lived for 40 years, but said they might splash out on a holiday home in Spain.

The housewife and her husband, a former council road worker, also vowed to help their family."

Sensible ?
They should be shot at dawn.
They are giving us on the road a bad name.

Not that I would over indulge ...

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