Rest Area 300m: Frosty Jack

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Frosty Jack

Our Traffic Controller was a happy man today.

We all were

A beautiful autumn day after the first real frost, and our Mountain showing off after the first fall of snow that closed the Desert Road overnight.

Mind you it was cold when we started work in the Uruti Valley, very close to where Vigil was filmed many years ago.
The native Toitoi always looks at it's best on a frosty morning, but the machinary is reluctant to start, and for once it is good to get on a shovel and warm up a bit.

This is getting near an old stamping ground of mine, so there was lots of waves and shouts, and even a wedding invitation.

We are still a ways north of the pub, but working our way south at a good rate.

Might get interesting...

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