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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Temptations ...

I had a flirtation with motorbikes when I was a teenage hoon.

I had a thumping great AJS for a while.

I gave up my fascination for them while airborne after hitting a small flock of sheep.

I was doing some prodigious speed on the way to the pub and was wearing summer clothes and sandals.

I hurtled into a corner after a long straight and there were half a dozen romney ewes huddled in the middle of the road.

I missed the first couple, but the third & fourth sent me airborne.

While in the air I realized the landing was going to seriously hurt. I also decided that if I survived I would give up motorbikes .

Then I landed.

I skidded across the corner leaving quite a bit of skin on the road and ended up in the verge, bleeding and stunned.

I was lucky. A few stitches and bruises were the outcome.

I put motorbikes into the heroin category.

Don't try them, you might like them too much...

The other day a mate gave me a motorbike.

I have to get it going, but as he says it is a screamer.

It looks as if it's doing a ton standing still.

Get thee behind me Satan ...


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