Rest Area 300m: Winter

Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's bloody awful being a roadworker at the moment.
We have scheduled jobs to do that must be done, rain or no rain.
We have also been scuttling about clearing slips & debris, nothing major yet, but the ground is saturated and the rivers high.

In fact you would be mad to be travelling at the moment, unless you had a really,really, hot date.

As the traffic threads it's way around you, and you peer at them through the rain, water trickling down your neck, boots sodden. You see the bored kids in the back, the white clenched, tense faces.
You think "whats so important? ... Why come out here?... Bugger off to your warm homes... Are you mad?

But there is hope
This afternoon, I turned around and saw this.

It made my day.

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