Rest Area 300m: A Paucity Of Rhubarb ...

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Paucity Of Rhubarb ...

Rationing Queue London
One of my U.K. corespondents, ersatz soubriquet, has alerted me to a terrible crisis.

Britain is facing a Christmas rhubarb shortage.

The UK's crop is behind after record high temperatures in autumn and winter.

Happily relief is at hand.

Once more our small country has made the supreme sacrifice and sent some of ours.

They need more...

Wrap your rhubarb parcel, Kiwi's...

Custard too ...

It is Xmas, after all ....

All you need to know about Rhubarb.

"The Guangzong emperor (1620-1621) is miraculously cured from some severe illness he got after having had a joyful time with four "beautiful women" sent to him by a high official, cured with rhubarb, naturally. "

The Rhubarb Triangle, & The Rhubarb Special Express

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