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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind ...

Dumped rubbish, Mt Messenger

"An 85-year-old man fell nearly 50m to his death down a cliff in Omanawa in the Western Bay of Plenty last night.

Inspector Turepu Keenan said it was believed the man was throwing rubbish from his ute at the top of the cliff at the time of the accident.

Police have yet to notify the man's relatives about his death." NZH

And in Taranaki

"Conservation workers are going to extreme lengths to identify phantom dumpers who leave household rubbish at local scenic reserves.

DOC workers Nicholas Lemm and Sam Darling were sifting through rubbish yesterday for any sign of an offender.

Every now and then, they struck gold amongst the maggot-infested rubbish � finding a letter, bill or receipt with a name and address.

People ignorant enough to leave such a vital clue can expect a visit from DOC � and possible prosecution.

One such name came to light while a Taranaki Daily News reporter and photographer watched the sorting operation yesterday.

The name was on a job application signed by a New Plymouth woman.

The Taranaki Daily News went door-knocking and left messages, but the woman did not contact us for comment.

DOC's action comes after recent dumping at the Ratapihipihi Scenic Reserve, off Cowling Rd, in Hurdon, and Everett Reserve, near Inglewood.

The bottles, boxes, junk mail and household rubbish at both reserves was enough to fill a medium-sized trailer.

Ian Drewery, who has used the Ratapihipihi Reserve for 30 years, was disgusted by the desecration of his favourite running spot.

"It's just a place I really love and to see all that junk out really saddens me," he said.

"It makes me wonder what the people who do that sort of thing, what they think about the environment.

"They're just lazy arseholes who don't operate any other way," he said.

DOC area manager Steve McGill said the latest dumping was nothing new.

"It's just a shame, because it certainly tarnishes our clean green image and spoils it for the public."

People can be fined up to $5000 for littering in a public place under the Litter Act 1979.

New Plymouth District Council parks manager Mark Bruhn says the problem is not isolated to reserves. People dump rubbish at all parks around the city.

The council has several acts and bylaws to punish people who are not respecting the parks.

Some offenders have been given community service or attended family conferences to address the problem."

(Daily News - probably short term link)


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