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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Used Cars

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Last night, this car transporter left the road, just south of Piopio.

Obligingly, he ended up well off the road, and so I slept the frosty night through in my warm bed.

Today we had to recover it, and there was no option but to close the road, and put a lengthy detour in place.

You can see why.

The crane takes up the whole road, and Murphy's Law states that there must always be at least a 11kv power line in the way.

The job went pretty smoothly, but it takes a while, even if things go well.

I did offer a couple of hundred bucks for the Range Rover Vogue and was willing to toss in a few kilo's of onions from last weeks roll over on State Highway 4.

I think they are still considering my generous offer ....

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