Rest Area 300m: Getting On The Level

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Getting On The Level

Another day rearranging NZ, carting bits that fall down, and filling gulleys that will eventually be flat.
In an eon or two, we will have NZ as flat as Holland.
The areas where we dump spoil are muddy and chewed up by the trucks. It is always a challenge to get in and out without getting stuck. There are a few tricks. You leave the hoist up about half way, this puts weight over the back axle and helps. Something worth remembering in a muddy area, car or truck, is to always try and organise things so that you start off from rest facing down even a slight slope. Once you are moving forward you are half way there. A novice will often stop facing uphill and may as well start looking for a tow rope.

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