Rest Area 300m

Friday, July 15, 2005

There is this big dead tree next to the Fart household. It is also close to the road. I have finally solved my firewood problems and removed a hazard at the same time. It was awkwardly leaning slightly toward the road, and dropping a tree with so much dead wood up high can be a bit dangerous. It doesn't look big in the photo, but that chainsaw at the base has a 30 inch bar. I climbed up on a ladder and tied it back to another tree with 4 tonne truck tie downs. Then set too with the chainsaw. Finally we cut the fence, and gave it a shove with a front end loader, and down it came. The fence is now fixed, and I have started cutting up a mountain of wood. Lawsoniana burns well and splits easily, and it has a lovely smell. I feel all manly and smug, and of course, warm.
Rest Area 300m


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