Rest Area 300m

Monday, July 18, 2005

A Wet, muddy, and rather frustrating day. Lots of rain has meant many small slips. You scurry off to clear one, set up signs & cones, and cart it away in a start stop process to allow traffic through. Then pick up signs and cones and repeat the process further up the road. Just as you can see the end of it all, another one comes down back where you started. Days like this you grab something to eat when you can, and curse the school holiday traffic.
There is a rythm to a job like this. If you are waiting to pass through, you will generally be signalled to go as the loader approaches and loads the truck, which is usually backed into the bank on an angle. It is a bit nerve-racking because if the loader reverses as you pass, it could hit you. Remember though, we have radios, and nothing moves till traffic is cleared. The loader will stay in the loading position, and won't reverse till he knows the road is clear, or has plenty of room. If you work with the same crew for a while you don't even need radios, eye contact will do. We trust our lives to each other every day on the road, it's part of the job. You have to have an awareness as to what is around you. So go through with confidence!
Rest Area 300m

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