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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For Bruce & Charlie

I had a mate once, a rather "cosmic" sort of a guy, quiet but zany. He was a bit soft.
I was always on at him to harden up and be a bit more manly.
He ended up living in a housebus with a partner and a slew of kids.
One night the housebus caught fire, he got a couple of the kids out and died going back in for the third.

Another friend of mine once pulled a fisherman out of a big surf, got him breathing with CPR and then quietly disappeared as a crowd gathered.

There are a lot of heroes out there. Unsung and anonymous.
I always think of that lone Chinese man standing in front of those tanks,
he could just have been bloody foolish, but I don't think so.

There was Stanislav Petrov who should have pushed the big red button and didn't.

If you search the web, 90% of the people listed as heroes are really adventurers, or sports stars.

It's those quiet ones, that when their moment came, didn't hesitate, that are my heroes.

I'm proud to have known a couple.

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