Rest Area 300m: Soft Mud

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Soft Mud

Cleaning the roadside drains, and culverts is a messy job.
The eels aren't too keen on it either.
Here one is making a break for it at our tipping site.
It is lucky one of my mates didn't spot him or he would have ended up on his menu.
They don't do anything for me unless smoked and even then I have to have had a few beers first.

Driving a truck with fairly shallow sides, and a load that is mostly liquid mud is interesting, a bit like bike riding with a bowl of soup. You have to be a bit cunning and use all the camber on the corners, dropping the wheels on to the road shoulder if need be. Of course if you brake hard, you wear the lot.

There is something though about drains, diggers and mud. I suppose it is the small boy thing.
I like it.

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