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Friday, September 16, 2005


Today a nice lady put her finger up my bottom. It is all part of the requirements for driving a juggernaut, (or any combination vehicle with a gross weight of over 25000 kgs.)
I also had my arm pumped up, and had to read meaningless words off an eye chart. Then with my piece of paper saying I was alive and fit to cope with rigours of the road, it was off to get a 5L learners juggernaut licence. They give you a scratchy card of questions, of which you have to get 33 of 35 right, and take $79 off you.
Now this idea could be extended to Lotto, making sure you were a fit and proper poor person to get a chance. Boring people that save money could also be ruled out, thereby boosting the economy. Teenagers and the extremely doddery near death could also be banned, plus religious nuts, people with grey shoes & little taste. Basically I whittle it down to just me..
Anyway, I passed, and on Monday take an instructor, in a truck and trailer unit I have never driven, with a gearbox pattern I know nothing about, to a place I have never been. I hope he can't smell fear.

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