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Friday, September 16, 2005

Now if we could store the hot air generated over the election campaign, we could solve the fuel crisis at a stroke. I have steered clear of politics. It seems to me that the NZ political blogging community are basically talking to themselves. Who gives a stuff what Joe Blogs thinks anyway. Down here at the bottom of the food chain all politicians are suspect.
Money spent on roads always seem to be spent on some Auckland Megaproject to get people to work a minute faster, and potholes appear no matter who is in power. I guess my fellow workers will vote Labour, despite being disgruntled over the nanny state encroachment, and smoking bans. Most come from a background where the Employment Contracts Act decimated their pay & conditions, and they have long memories, so National won't get a look in. Generally they are more interested in the fact that we have had rain, and there are some good tides coming. So the big question is, will the whitebait run?

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