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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breed More Gear Jammers...

I had a lecture from the police today.
The Commercial Vehicle Unit no less.
I've had one before, but this time it was all smiles, slide shows and doughnuts.
In a stunning blow for commonsense, the company arranged for a presentation and an informal forum where we could go over the increasingly complex legal requirements to operate a truck lawfully, and the paperwork and requirements around logbooks etc.
They (CVU) believe that 30% of all transport industry crashes are as a result of fatigue, and pointed out that most of the truck smashes occur in the centre of the North Island, about 8 or 9 hours out of Auckland or Wellington.
Another interesting observation was the fact that there are few younger people getting into the industry, and the average truck driver (like Me) are 50 plus. One of the cops said that he thought that a reason for this, was that kids don't go for a ride with Dad in his truck any more. Firms don't allow it. I think it is a good point. If your Dad was a truckie, you grow up knowing how to tie knots, change tires, get unstuck, and where the local cop hides. You will probably know how to drive before you even get behind the wheel for the first time. Kids watch. Another reason is economic. These days to get the various licences is an expensive business, and takes time. The current driver shortage is also caused by the fact that there are very few companies that will take on and train a young person, something that is only now starting to dawn on the industry. Meanwhile we geriatrics will carry on trundling about the country, delivering freight, and pontificating about it on the interweb thingie.
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