Rest Area 300m: Mission Statement

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mission Statement

High on the hill overlooking the intersections of State Highways 3 & 4 is a cross. It is almost invisible in this photo. It marks the grave of the Rev Frederick Miller, sent out to "convert the natives" by the London Missionary Society in 1840. He liked to call the hill Mt. Zion
At the foot of the limestone cliffs is a cairn marking the Wakatumutumu Wesleyan mission site.

"Here, at this lonely place, this Godly man with his brave wife led a ferocious, primitive race from heathen darkness to the light of Christian civilization.
Died at his post of duty in 1848 aged 32 years.
The cross on the hillside marks his tomb."

It was the TB that got him, not the ferocious primitives who nursed him.
They called him Mira & this is carved into a rock at the foot of the cross.
Rest Area 300m

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