Rest Area 300m: "How Highs The Water, Mama ?"

Friday, August 19, 2005

"How Highs The Water, Mama ?"

Near the Awakino Gorge Tunnel is a monitoring station that records the river level. If you are a whitebaiter who is also a techie, this can be quite handy. It is available on the web here. You can just see the 3 metre level, which is the top of the graduated board on the left of the walkway. The one on the right takes it up to 6 metres. If it ever got this high it would be bye bye recording station, and most of the properties downstream. The Awakino is a dynamic river, it has a big catchment and can flood very quickly. We have had little trouble in the Gorge this winter (touch wood) despite some big rains. Christmas before last we had 11 slips down at one time, and some of them were very big.
Rest Area 300m


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