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Monday, August 08, 2005

Your Name Here ?

One of the joys of working on the road is the ever changing scenery. No office walls or partitions for us. We are fortunate in New Zealand to live in a beautiful country, but sadly there some arseholes out there who use any pull off area to chuck out their rubbish. My work mates resignedly will collect it and haul it away. I get so angry I always launch a full scale forensic investigation and nearly always work out where it came from. In the above photo a name in the gumboot gave the first clue, some vehicle warrant of fitness papers nailed it. I have brooded over various incidents like this, and suggested to my workmates that we could put details on this blog, or even a new "Litter Blog", and shame the bastards who do it. Opinion is divided. Some feel that we are not judge & jury, and should just report them to the authorities. I always put details of these incidents forward and the perpetrators could be fined up to $500, but probably after a warning. On one occasion I gleefully returned a lot of rubbish to one address I found & left it on their lawn. I sure am tempted to "out" a few of these arseholes.
Rest Area 300m

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