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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Good Oil.

I'm not sure where old trucks go when they die. Mine is starting to feel it's 570,000 kilometres and is a bit reluctant to start on a frosty morning.
Today was it's day for a thorough Certificate of Fitness (COF) check. Trucks & buses at the testing station rightly get a very thorough going over, a much more intensive check than a car does.
The chassis is inspected for cracking, welds are looked at, brakes especially getting the once over.
My old girl failed the brake check, the machine reckoned the front braking was uneven with contaminated brake linings on the left front wheel. The mechanic and myself were somewhat puzzled by this, the braking is done by air.
Back at the workshop the wheel and drum were removed, and sure enough, oil on the linings. But from where? Then the light dawned. It was linked to a rather embarassing incident a while ago.

Note the oil on the inside of the tire, where it has drained from the engine.
New Linings are in the process of being fitted, and tonight it is in the workshop under cover, chatting with it's younger mates.
I hope they don't forget it's cocoa.

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