Rest Area 300m

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Madonna Falls, Kurukuru Hill, State Highway 4

We are presently working on State Highway 4, which is also part of our network. It is a busy road at the moment with skiers & snowboarders heading for the slopes on Mt Ruapehu. The two guys who mostly look after that stretch have their hands full with heavy frosts and icy roads. There is a local mufti traffic cop who is also doing a roaring trade. A lot of the traffic consists of young snowboarders from Auckland in turbo charged Japanese rocket ships intent on getting to the Mountain as fast as possible. They ignore signs, sail off corners, go through fences, plough into banks, and fill up the ditches. It is so prevalent that they get little sympathy from the crew, who are a friendly bunch. The ones who drive 4x4 SUV's will, to our amusement, go to great lengths not to get mud on their vehicles when we are clearing slips, and will pick their way around us.
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Rest Area 300m


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