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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Add Extra Horsepower....

You do see some odd things going past you when you are toiling over hot asphalt. I have yet to see a horse go by in a car. We did see a pig once though, - it looked quite comfy in the back seat. (and no, it wasn't wearing a uniform...)
One of the Fart sisters, who shall remain nameless, did once smuggle a pony across Cook Strait in a small caravan. But I'm sure lots of people do that.
We often get rather large dogs attempting to snatch a limb or two as they pass by, and a rather haughty Emu gazed at us rather quizzically from a trailer a while back.
When I see a Killer Whale riding a motorbike, I'll Know I have seen it all.
photo Glossario Tullico

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