Rest Area 300m: Whiteware

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


We have another rubbish problem now and then. Here a fridge, washing machine and oven have fallen from a truck carting them to a recycling plant in Auckland. Lucky this happened out on the open road and not in a built up area, they are heavy and it was a bit of a struggle for two of us to lift them onto my truck. The crosses mark the spot where a family were wiped out some years ago. The crosses and roadside shrines pop into the news now and then, some politicians would like to get rid of them. We have all types along the road, often just a simple cross, but also stuffed toys, plastic windmills, and rather poignantly down the road is a lone red rose on a fence post. It marks the spot where after hitting a tree, a young woman died in the arms of a road worker who was repairing a bridge nearby. I started to take photo's of some of the rather pathetic little shrines, but then decided I was being morbid and deleted them.
Rest Area 300m


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