Rest Area 300m

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lots of potholes means lots of wheel trims, hub caps, and goodies that rattle off trailers. We have a goodly collection, and on rainy days hang them on the walls of the shed. It is a big shed and we have 3 walls covered, and a pile more to go up. These days they are mostly cheap and made of plastic, but we do have a few "collectors items". A big Kenworth truck hissed to a stop the other day and the driver asked us if we had seen one he was missing off a front wheel, we hadn't but found it a day or two later He was one happy truck driver. The things we find along the road are often unusual, strange mechanical gubbins off trucks & machinery, trailer parts etc. This weeks haul included 50 litres of calcium concentrate (for cows?), a car door, and a bunch of buckets. I have found wallets, (empty) cell phones, a dog kennel, (also empty) and a trailer with no drawbar.
Rest Area 300m

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