Rest Area 300m: Chomo-Lungma

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I have climbed Mt. Everest.
Twice actually over the last two pothole seasons.
I climb 1.7 metres up into my truck, at least 50 times a day. Every 104 days then, I scale Chomo-Lungma [Mother Goddess of the Land] without oxygen, unroped, fag in hand.
So if you take a climbing holiday, and as you struggle up the South Col, spot a roadworker with a wheelbarrow full of pavelay, don't be alarmed.
It is I, Fart of The Himalayas, smoothing the way...

Male. Lives in New Zealand/North Island/The Road, speaks English. Eye color is blue.
This is my blogchalk:
New Zealand, North Island, The Road, English, Male.

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