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Thursday, August 25, 2005

31 January - 3 February 1701 There is much discourse of a monstrous Giant, said to be brought over from the Indies, and now in the River of Thames. They report he is a Cannibal, or Man-Eater, all over hairy, and 16 Foot in height, and was taken by a Stratagem, For the Ship lying near the Shoar, the Seamen observed his usual Haunts, tho' being very swift they could not come nigh him: So they set a small Cask of Wine near the place, with the Vent open: when they were gone, he came and tasted it with his Finger, and liking it, held up the Cask to his Mouth, and swilled so freely, that he became Drunk; whereupon the Men coming ashore in their Boat, seized and carried him aboard. We hear he is sold by the Captain for 1000l. and will be publickly shewed in London. [The English Post]

5-7 February 1701 There having been no News of the Monstruous [sic] Cannibal Giant, since the several accounts that have been Published of his Arrival in the River; it's now given out, that going into a Boat, in order to come Ashoar, his Weight overset the Boat, and he went to the Bottom, so that we shall never have the Satisfaction to see him; even, tho' we should give never so much Money to satisfy our Curiosity. But as good Fortune would have it, there was no Body else in the Boat with him. [The London Post]
Text Early 18th Century Newspaper Reports; Graphic

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